Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Ohhhh, Louie and Blake were up EARLY today!  I don’t think the sun was up yet.  Somehow Cody and I rallied to make breakfast and break open a Diet Coke. Even Grandma Marcy had a Coke.  The boys were running around in their jammies waiting to open presents while we got breakfast on the table.
 Yesterday, I found this yummy breakfast recipe that included chopped up cinnamon rolls, eggs, cream and butter.  I figured any dish with those four ingredients would be deserving on a Christmas morning for breakfast.  It was divine.  I think this might be a repeat for next year.  
After breakfast, we opened a few gifts while waiting for our cousins to join us.  Blake loved all his new DRAGONS.  And Louie was delighted that Santa did remember the T-Rex after all!   Blake was a little confused why ALL the presents under the tree weren’t for him? We had to coax several presents out of his hands and redirect him to his dragons!  We came close to a few botched surprises for the cousins.
 Marcy prepared a delicious Christmas lunch with beef tenderloin and ham this year.  Afterwards, we opened stockings from Grandma Marcy and then gifts from our cousins.  Louie could not be more pleased with his green candy cane.  

 This is an attempt at a panoramic picture of a few of us opening gifts on my phone.  

 We had a very Merry Christmas this year!  It's always surprising to me out of ALL the gifts that the boys received, they truly just hold onto the one thing they asked for in their letters to Santa.  Louie loved his T-Rex.  And Blake loved his dragons.  Note to self!

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