Sunday, March 13, 2011

Make Believe or Reality?

I never would have thought my son would be living the life I saw in cartoons on the Jetsons! Louie skypes with our family on a regular basis. He interacts with books. He does show and tell with el-phant, Abby and airplane. And he sings songs. This is his reality?! So amazing.
Right now he is learning colors, shapes and plays matching games on my iPad. Again, his reality was my make-believe as a child. He can find his apps, maneuver between screens and even start his own TV shows from my video list.
I wonder if he will have a cell phone as a teenager? Or will it be something else? I guess those inventions are still in the make-believe realm.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Louie's Big Boy Room

Since moving closer to the ocean, "we" decided to go with a vintage surfer theme for Louie's room. It's adorable. I found an old red rider bike at the consignment store on camp. I just need to restore it. Louie drives it around the house. In these pictures, he is first trying to get "el-phant" to ride the bike. The he joins him. He's quite a fan of his new big boy bed. He loves to climb on and watch TV (on the iPad) while leaning against his pillows. However, he isn't ready to sleep there...or is it me not ready to have him out of the crib?

Half Moon Bay

This past weekend, we went to explore the Aramco beach closest to our community...Half Moon Bay. It's a fantastic facility! So impressed there is a great changing area, shower and western toilets. The beach is groomed everyday. There is a snack bar/ice cream and small kiosk with blow up water toys and beach chairs.
Of course there are rules at this beach. 1. No littering (so glad to see that one). 2. No slaughtering of sheep (really glad to see that one!). 3. No gazing (interesting).
We went with the Dille family and had a great time. Louie and Owen splashed and explored. It's jellyfish season and had to be careful. One had come ashore. I couldn't believe how big it was. Afterwards, we went down the beach to ride camels. They are very large animals. Very Large Animals. I had ridden a camel before but it was a new experience with Louie. He would NOT sit down; probably because he couldn't see. Squealing with delight, he would point and announce CAMEL several times; as if he couldn't believe it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hoarding can be Contagious

Grocery shopping in Saudi Arabia is typically a 2 hour endeavor for me. I spend so much time desiphering the labels in Arabic, French, Dutch or sometimes English. When I find some US products, they are usually the testers that didn't do well in the states. For example, Prawn Cocktail Pringles. Can you imagine? Shrimp flavored potato chips.
Or, we will get the left over seasonal products such as cranberries, pie crusts and turkey stuffing. It's a bit of a grab bag not knowing what they will have available on any given day.
This grab bag concept leads to hoarding. I have been warned about this but hadn't really had a problem finding most things I needed; until I saw Diet Dr. Pepper for the first time in 8 weeks. I had been searching every grocery store for this particular nectar. There were only 2 and a half flats on the drink isle and about 50 single cans in the refridgerated section. Yes, I took everything I could fit into my tiny shopping cart. I hoarded. I probably left about 20 cans. The next morning I was back for something I had forgotten and all 20 cans were gone. Glad I got them when I had the chance. There's nothing like a Diet Dr. Pepper with lime. The picture shows one of my treasures plastered with their customs label. So I barely noticed it.
Hoarding is dangerous on the budget. American products are double the price. So it's basically doing all of your grocery shopping at 7-11. But to find an a rare American product, it's worth the price. After being here for 2 months, I have never seen cottage cheese, buttermilk, greek yogurt, popsicles, onion salt, all spice and a slew of other spices. Very interesting what makes it here and what doesn't!