Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Juju and Sal!

Sal and I share our birthdays in the same month. Her birthday is September 6th and mine is September 7th. Usually we are at the beach in North Carolina blowing out candles together. This year, we changed locations. Sal has never been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming -- and we needed to change that fact. Sal and JJ joined the Johnson family for a road trip. It was probably a little different with a 20 month old baby. On our travels, we heard a lot of singing, "Five Little Monkeys, " Itsy Bitsy Spider and some Elmo videos. Louie was unfortunately a little out of sorts with some tummy trouble (as Aunt Amber would call it). However, we all made the best of it and seemed to cover quite a bit of ground in two days. We shopped the town square, ate at non-chain restaurants (Billy's Burgers, The Bunnery and this one off the road in the middle of nowhere yummy place), visited galleries, perused the Saturday market in the town square, took tons of pictures and marveled at the Grand Tetons. Sal and I didn't blow out any candles this year but made up for it by having Hagen Das ice cream twice in two days!