Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Louie's First Day of Preschool

Louie was all ready with his new shark "pack-pack" today!  His teacher's name is Ms. Cathy and there are 8 other students in his class. The preschool has a total of 4 classes.  Louie is in the youngest class.  This year his schooling is a mix of play and academics.  He goes to school four mornings a week for two hours each day.   He loves to play with the dinosaurs and paint.  Thankfully his friend Owen is in his class...some days it serves as a great motivator to get him moving in the mornings!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blake's 5 month doctor's visit

Blake went into the doctor's office for a baby well check up and I went in for a back brace.  He weighed 21 pounds!  In the past two months, he has gone through several growth spurts.  He went from a 3 month onesie to now a 12 month onesie.  He can't wear any of Louie's shorts from when he was six months old.  He does best in shortalls or anything that is a one piece jumpsuit concept.  No waistbands please.  He is wearing 12 month clothes.  The doctor said he weighed now what he should weigh at one year.  He recommended that I introduce veggies to cut down his caloric intake!  We just love to kiss his fat cheeks and squeeze those thighs.  His wrists look like they have rubberbands around them. It's so fun!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

He rocks this exer-saucer!

Blake owns this thing!  After a week, he can manipulate the entire circle of toys.  However, he is a very social little bug.  So the exer-saucer needs to be in the same room with someone he can interact with and show off his skills; even if it is just Murphy!
In this picture you can see a good side of cheek and a chunky right thigh!  The kid is substantial!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waiting for School to Start

It has been one long summer.  Louie was ready to start back to school probably 3 weeks ago.  While waiting for his friends to come back "into Kingdom" (how the Saudis refer to their homeland), Louie has been terribly bored and often finds himself orbiting me as if I were the sun.
So today, we decided to make cookies during Blake's morning nap.  Louie learned to crack an egg with assistance.  How to turn the mixer on and off.  How to dump in some of the ingredients from a measuring cup, etc.  He was very proud of his product.