Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

Here is a little photo montage from our time at Bear Lake this summer...

Monday, July 18, 2011


After 10 days, Cody had to go back to Saudi Arabia.  Adoption isn't practiced over there which means they don't allow any parental leave days.  With Blake 13 days old, Cody left for Arabia without us.  We still had to get Blake a passport and a visa.  So in the meantime, I was a single mom.  I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who finds them self in this situation.  There isn't such a thing as lack of's no sleep at all.  It's crazy.  I would bounce from one child to the other.  Plain and simple recipe for postpartum.  Thankfully, I had the most amazing support from friends during our stay in Virginia.  Help came from places to stay, getting up with the baby at night, baby gear, playing with Louie, taking the baby so I could play with Louie and regular runs to my favorite Mexican restaurant, The Rio Grande.  That's right...comfort food made everything better...and added about ten pounds which I lovingly referred to as "my baby weight."
Once we were back in Utah, our families, friends and neighbors came to the rescue in full force. It really took a village to pull this single parent stint off.  A huge thank you to everyone.  Here are a few pictures of the "helpers" that came into our lives this summer.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Attempt at a Family Photo

We attempted family photos today but Blake and Louie fell apart after doing the small group photos.  Lollipop bribes didn't work for long and it just didn't happen.  However, we did get some really nice photos...