Sunday, September 6, 2009

Louie's first trip to Washington D.C.

The first picture is me as a baby in front of the Washington Monument. For posterity, we took a similar picture of Louie. It's a fun comparison side by side! Washington D.C. is one of our favorite cities. We both lived here and had amazing opportunities for our careers, traveling up and down the East Coast and enjoying the arts. This is where Cody and I met and have many great memories with our friends. Cody gave Louie the tour down memory lane... Eastern Market, went to a Nat's game, walked around the National Monuments and a tour of the Capitol Building. Couldn't leave D.C. without a visit to my favorite Mexican food place - the Rio. This restaurant has been the venue for many conversations analyzing life and taking in too many calories of beef fajitas and queso.