Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two-Part Birthday for Blake!

Blake loves farm animals right now!  He takes requests to demonstrate his talent for imitating noises, "Blake, what does the cow say?"  Without hesitation, he promptly moos with a huge smile on his face; so proud of himself!  Hence, the inspiration for his birthday party with his friends.  Once all of his friends arrived, he made a guest appearance, threw a tantrum (over a balloon) that didn't seem to stop for quite awhile.  Clearly, he was exhausted since he had woken up at 5 a.m. for some unknown reason.  So after 30 minutes of being at his party, Blake went down for a nap.  He napped for four hours!  I think he was teething a two year molar.  Appropriate, right?
Well at that moment, Louie was happy to take over and show Blake's friends a good time at the party.  This is part one of Blake's Birthday...
Well, if you are going to be a farmer, then you need to have a horse.  We made our own hobby horses.

Well then you have to feed them!
As the horseys ate and ate, our farmers found surprises in the hay...
Cows!  Pigs!  and Horses! Oh my!
Afterwards, we sang "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"  and the piggies got out of the pig pen.  All the farmers had to round them up!  At this point, all the farmers were tired and went home for naps.  We had a great time but missed Blake!  A couple of hours later, Blake woke up much happier and ready to play with some farm stickers and eat his lunch!
What's not to love about a hot dog with cheese and BBQ sauce on a stick?!
Part-two of Blake's birthday played out a couple of days later once the molar had come in!
"Horsey, Horsey on our way..."
Looking for Horsey's friends.
And now all the hay needs to get sprinkled on the deck!
The piggies back in the pig pen; plus Blake and Louie.
One last ride on the Horsey. 

It may have taken a week to pull off this two-part birthday party for Blake.  But the  most important part is that he loved it with his brother, Louie.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Blakie's Family Birthday Party!

 Happy Birthday to you...
Make a wish...POOF!
I'm TWO!
Dig In!
This year Blake didn't hesitate!  He joined in with the singing, anxious to blow out the candles and chowed down the top of his cupcake!  At the age of two, he loves to make animal noises, burp on demand (how do they learn this?), and play with "sishies" (fishies), trains and airplanes.  He's a little charmer and smiles at you when he's getting into mischief!  Happy Birthday Blake!  We love you!