Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Blake's First Bath

Now this was quite the juggling act for a single parent!  Louie, Blake, a camera and sudsy soap in the bath.  At first Blake wasn't sure why he was cold.  Then once I started to wash the water over his body he began to settle in a bit better.  He's a wiggly and slippery little sucker!
I was trying to follow this schedule suggested in a baby and toddler book about bathing them together.  Well that is ridiculous!  Overall it was chaos at best!  At one point, they were both crying and no one was even bathed yet!  I think I will stick with MY original idea of bathing them separately until Blake can sit up on his own.  Obviously, this picture in the tub was BEFORE the crying chorus began.  But look at this little sweet face after his bath...