Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hunters stay for a little vacation

After Jordan went into the MTC, Mom, Dad and Becky stayed a little while longer. It was great! We enjoyed relaxing without a schedule. Louie showed Aunt Becky where to find the dandilion puffs in the mountains of Park City. Aunt Becky showed Louie how to blow bubbles in the water. Grandpa Lou showed Louie how to shove pistacio shells through the cracks of the deck. Louie showed Grandpa how to walk with his cane!
We took the Park City Mountain Resort Gondola up the mountain to have dinner prior to Mom and Dad getting on the plane. Louie was amazed by the ride up the mountain...Why does vacation time go so quickly?

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Hollywood" Before and After

My nephew, Jordan, is entering the MTC this week. He received his call to the Australia, Adelaide Mission. When he came to Utah, I didn't recognize him without his whispy hair and hip Hollywood sunglasses. Hence the nickname, "Hollywood." Despite his feeble attempt to scoff at his new nickname, you know he loves it. The pictures above are his before (last summer) and after (this summer) pictures in preparing for his mission.
In spending time with Jordan this week, it has been impressive to see my jokster young nephew morph into a humbled and prepared missionary ready to get on his mission. He is still the same crazy Jordan--joking around, doing wild antics on his snowboard and quoting movies. However, he seems more at ease to talk about his serious reasons for going on a mission and knowing that Australia was chosen for him by the Lord. I've known Jordan all his life. He has that personality trait of connecting with people from all walks of life...combine that with his testimony of Christ and he will do a great work for the Lord.
Jordan with Louie - an hour before putting on his suit to go to the MTC. He and Louie are enjoying some graham crackers together.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

Bear Lake was HOT this summer! Our favorite relief was anything with water - whether it be boating on the water, water in a bucket or watermelon. In the first picture, Louie loved helping Grandpa drive his boat and toot-toot the horn. Occasionally he would look up and give Grandpa this gratuitous, hearty, loud laugh. It was hilarious.