Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Ode to Sesame Street...

One day his first full sentence will be about Elmo and Abby Ca-Dabby. He loves eveything about Sesame Street. He giggles and giggles when Super Grover crashes into the lamp post. He sings with the opening song..."Come and play...". As soon as Abby shows up on the screen, his face lights up! I think he is in love.
This is HIS alone time with Sesame Street. He does not like to be bothered - not even for a kiss and a hug. He is totally territorial about it. Muphy will walk in front of the TV just to get his attention. But Louie won't have it! He will scream at Murphy until he moves. I swear that dog does this to push his buttons. Louie truly savors his time with his woobie, his morning eggs and Sesame Street.
Sesame Street has come a long way since I watched it as a kid. I am impressed with all of the academics--especially the science concepts and vocabulary building. Who knew there are celeb spots now? Today was Jason Bateman talking about the word, "comfort." Elmo had to comfort Jason because he was upset that nobody needed comforting.