Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Boys Hangin' with the Easter Bunny

Louie, Sam and Charlie (all born within two months of each other) are trying to survive their parents' best efforts to capture their first moment with the Easter Bunny.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Visit to Texas

Louie did great on his first plane ride. He slept for most of it--thanks to his bottle, woobie, and a little help from Tylenol! We had a great visit with my mom and dad in Texas. Louie was able to spend time reading stories with Grandpa Lou and playing with Grandma. He had never seen a cat before was quite intrigued by thisquiet and small animal--very different from the loud and large animal at home. Louie got his first (and will not be his last) taste of the famous Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream. He got to meet his Austin aunt, uncles and cousins over BBQ in Waco. Cousin Samantha was a wonderful playmate to Louie. We had a great time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Murphy is a big brother

Murphy is quickly learning that life is NOT all about Murphy anymore. It is now all about baby Louie. The day we brought Louie home, we allowed Murphy to get a good sniff of his new baby brother but didn't think much more about it. As the days went by, Murphy became increasingly aware of how much time this new bundle of joy was taking from his play time with us. To get his favorite game of chase started, he would steal the baby's pacifier and run off with the ribbon hanging out of his mouth. Once we were clever enough to attach the pacifier to the baby, he began to take off with the burp cloth or baby's toy. Soon he realized how tasty the remnants were in those baby bottles. Thankfully, this was only a phase.
Now, Murphy goes where ever Louie goes. Murphy was my companion for those 3 a.m. feedings in the nursery. Murphy has never been interested in the baby's messy diapers--frankly, who is?! However, if the baby is taking a nap, then Murphy would prefer to nap by the crib; but is only allowed to guard the door. If the baby is laying in his bouncy seat, then Murphy lays with his back against it to enjoy the vibrations and music. If the baby is playing in his activity gym, then Murphy is there watching for the right moment to snatch a toy. Occasionally, Murphy will walk by and give the baby a lick/kiss on his head. Louie gives me a confused look as to say, "What the freak was that?"
Recently, Louie has begun to notice Murphy. This is very new. He is quite enthralled to watch Murphy play in the snow or run around the house with his treats. I look forward to the day when Murphy and Louie can explore and play together.