Thursday, August 16, 2012

Detox from LIFE

I don't quite know how the beach does it... but it does. For us, it can peel back the layers of stress and everyday worries and leave us more relaxed.  I don't know if it's the rhythmic waves of the ocean, the walks along the beach or all the amazing food we enjoyed.
OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina) has been a well loved vacation spot for us.  For many years, Cody and I have been there with friends in our single days.  This year, we thought it might be fun to revisit with our own little family.  Even better, Tiffiny's family (Cody's sister) decided to join us for the week.
It was so nice to have pure family time.  For us, it's all about slowing down.  Dylan and Louie were inseparable...chasing the waves, digging in the sand or playing with toys at the beach house.  Blake wasn't so sure about the sand but did opt to taste it.  Dylan and Jake (both 8-10 years older) are such good cousins to Louie and Blake.  I was so impressed that these teenagers would take so much time with our little boys.

At the beach, it's really relaxing to have the time to cook, bake and try out new recipes.  Essentially, we have the time to concentrate on something new.  Tiffiny made these yummy homemade mozzerella sticks to go along with her steak dinner.  Cody wanted to make our new favorite fajita recipe with homemade tortillas... but there wasn't a rolling pin to be found.  So we wrapped Tiffiny's hair spray can with saran wrap and voila!   We were able to roll out our tortillas quite easily. 
After our week of detox, we took Tiffiny's family to tour around Washington, D.C.  They covered all the sights from Mt. Vernon and Smithsonian Museums to a tour of the Capitol. 
I think this last picture of Louie sums it up...fantastic 10 days but ready for a nap!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sun Salutations

This was an unusual morning for us at Bear Lake.  Usually, we laze around in our pajamas, drink a Diet Coke out on the deck and eventually get to a full breakfast of eggs, pancakes and bacon.  Not today!  Our good friend Brandon got engaged and brought his fiance', Dixie, to join us for a weekend at Bear Lake.  Did our mornings change... we were up doing yoga and sipping on "green drinks" from the blender.  Mmmmm.
Louie tried a few yoga moves too!
Then he and Daddy made up some of their own...
Dixie, you were a great yoga instructor!  Thanks for the invigorating morning!