Saturday, February 8, 2014

Super Hero Training Camp!

Louie's 5th Birthday was so much fun!  We held a Super Hero Training Camp for all of our birthday guests.  Louie had a perma-grin for two hours!  In order to earn their capes and masks to best fly over the city, all guests had to go through grueling challenges to prove they could be a Super Hero.  Besides going through an obstacle course to test agility, they also had to prove themselves through challenges such as trying to lick their elbow with their tongue,

or sing Happy Birthday to Louie in a disguised voice or possibly the most difficult... actually catch a villain with their laser spray (squirt bottle). 
After our graduation ceremony of Super Heroes, we celebrated with cupcakes for Louie's 5th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our Super Louie! At age 5, he is still loyal to his trains, loves to wear his new tennis shoes that make him run the fastest, likes to swim with his gobbles (goggles) on and ride his scooter with Blake and his friends.  A highlight each day is riding the bus to school.  He is learning his alphabet letters and sounds so quickly.  He hopes to learn how to ride a bike this year.  At home he helps with a few chores, enjoys reading books, can say his own prayers, likes to play games with mom and wrestling with his dad.  Louie, we can't imagine our life without you.  We love you.

And to all of our birthday guests...Thanks for coming to make Louie's day so awesome!

Not to be forgotten... our own Batman in Training... Blake!
Ohhhh, he loves the wings on this Batman costume because really they are "dragon wings."  And no one can convince him otherwise!  Such a fun age.

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