Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween!  We had a little decorating party with our friends Benny and Max.  Pumpkins, bats, cats and witches were decorated and sometimes redecorated with a different choice of candy or sprinkle.  Yummmm!
Or sometimes the frosting didn't even make it to the cookie and was directly deposited at the final destination... some may call this cheating... others might call it efficiency.

While we were waiting for another batch of cookies out of the oven, Blake provided us with some entertainment with his latest trick of kicking up his back leg.

A quick picture of Blake with his friend, Betty/Wonder Woman.  Not sure where Blake's boots went to his Woody costume?!  But he sure couldn't take his eyes off Wonder Woman. 
Trick or Treat! with our buddies, Max and Benny.

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